Mateo Ojeda is a Colombian composer based in Hamburg, Germany. He has been composing pieces for concert, films, television and advertising music since 2003. He won recently the GVL NEUSTART KULTUR 2021 and DEUTSCHE ORCHESTER STIFTUNG 2021 for his new album ”Selbstporträt” and the prestigious PEER RABEN MUSIC AWARD  2019 for ”Best Music in a Short Film” at SoundTrack_Cologne 16 in Germany.

Ojeda has been awarded several composition’s prizes in Colombia and Germany for his concert pieces: TRES Y CUATRO (2021, commissioned  by Junge Musikakademie Hamburg), SELBSTPORTRÄT (Album, 2021), PANTALEÓN (2019) , ONCE (2018), PANTALEÓN NIÑO CHICAMOCHA (2015), GALÁN POEMA SINFÓNICO (2013), EL MUNDO DE VERONA (2006) and ONCE COLORES SORDOS (2003). He has written music for more than twenty short-films and two full-length documentary films. 

Most notably, ‘‘PANTALEÓN” (2019), a Colombian short-film  about a country boy who is forced to go to the end of the thousand-day war in Colombia; ‘‘AGUA:CERO (2015)’’, a Spanish documentary about water, (filmed in Africa, India and South America, produced by We Are Water Foundation) and ‘‘INFIERNO O PARAÍSO (2014)’’, an acclaimed Colombian documentary film about an addictive life directed by Germán Piffano. 

He obtained a Bachelor in ¨Music Theory and Composition¨ with Prof. Blas Atehortúa and Pedro Sarmiento at Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga, UNAB in Colombia and Kontakt Studium Diploma in  ¨New Composition Techniques¨ with Prof. Helmut W. Erdmann, Sascha Lemke and Prof. Georg Hajdu at Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg and European Live Electronic Centre (EULEC) in Lüneburg, Germany. He has attended as well Workshops, Masterclass and Lectures about composition and film music in Colombia, England, Austria, Spain and Germany. 

He worked as a teacher at Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga, Universidad Manuela Beltrán and Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano in Bucaramanga and Bogotá Colombia from 2006-2012 teaching Film Music. From 2014-2021 worked in Hamburg and Lübeck, Germany as a music teacher at Junge Musikakademie Hamburg, Rock-Pop Musikschule Lübeck, Happy Music School and Creative Music School.  


Currently he is co-founder and composer at ”ROJO SOUNDDESIGN & FILMMUSIK” and private music teacher in Hamburg, Germany. 

Ojeda is an official member of The Colombian Cinematic Arts Academy and RIMA (Iberoamerikanisches Netzwerk von Musikern und Künstlern in Germany).